Tuesday, 30 May 2017

TRAIN YOUR CHILD IN THE WAY OF GOD (Abstain From Ungodly Companies)

Wednesday 31st May, 2017 Devotional
Topic: TRAIN YOUR CHILD IN THE WAY OF GOD (Abstain From Ungodly Companies)
Our dear Lord Jehovah, we want to thank you for keeping watch over us and the unbroken favour you have been showing to us in the supply of our needs in Jesus name. Amen. However we pray that you will continue to be our God and we your people in Christ Jesus ' name we pray. Amen.
Considering the admonition of Paul to the parent in Ephesus as read on Monday, children were reminded of respecting there parent so as to enjoy long life on the land of the living. Today we going to read through the poem of Solomon that is teaching children to avoid ungodly companies of friend that can really lead them to shorten their lifetime on earth. The king advice in his writeup that you have a decision to make without compromise so as to enjoy the promise of God in obedience. Amen.
&My child, if sinners try to entice you, do not consent! If they say, “Come with us! We will lie in wait to shed blood; we will ambush an innocent person capriciously. We will swallow them alive like Sheol, those full of vigor like those going down to the Pit. We will seize all kinds of precious wealth; we will fill our houses with plunder. Join with us! We will all share equally in what we steal.” My child, do not go down their way, withhold yourself from their path;& Proverbs 1:10-15 (NET)
Seeking after fast track of enjoyment in life is a very dangerous move for you as a child, it doesn't make you safe. Or why should you seek to after someone's fall? What benefits do you have in making other people to cry? That friend canvassing you to talk advantage of the other is not a good friend. He is teaching you to do against the commandments of God. Do not follow such because they are not of God but of the devil there father.
You can make it in life without being fraudulent. You don't have to be a yahoo person, kidnapper, and the likes before you make your godly wealth and fame. Amen. All you need is God, the giver of every good and perfect gift. Amen. I pray for you today that Jehovah will through Jesus Christ enrich you and better you life. Amen.
You wealth does not  come from the amount of wickedness you have done, it has to do with what have been kept for you from divine. Remember you can only have whatever you have being given from heaven. John 3:27 (self phrased). Happy midweek, the last day of the month of May, 2017 our month of Making Melody and do enjoy God afresh. Amen. Good morning. Amen.
Prophet Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi
His Kingdom Souls Ministry
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