Thursday, 16 March 2017

GOD EXISTS (He Is A Story Changer)


Our father in heaven, we glorify your name this morning for life you have given us again to see the light of another weekend in Jesus name. Amen. We commit ourselves to your care and pray that you will make things come with ease this day that we might loud to the world again that there is none like unto you in Jesus name. Amen. Gratefully we say thank you for you have answered our prayers in Jesus name. Amen.

Many attimes are when God designed our lives to be the way it is presently because of the wonderful thing He wants to do. He makes things to happen that another greater thing might be establish that will express that He GOD EXISTS. We have seen many such and they have made us to exclaim the mighty power of the living God. Amen.

The disciple of Jesus Christ were amazed at the about the history of a certain man who was blind from birth. Though they could not blame God for his blindness but with great pity for him they asked Jesus what could have caused his blindness even from birth. The Lord told them that it might be established that GOD EXISTS. I pray that Jehovah will turn your situation around for good and people we say that GOD EXISTS for sure because of you. Amen.

“While Jesus was walking, he saw a man who had been blind since the time he was born. Jesus' followers asked him, "Teacher, why was this man born blind? Whose sin made it happen? Was it his own sin or that of his parents?" Jesus answered, "It was not any sin of this man or his parents that caused him to be blind. He was born blind so that he could be used to show what great things God can do.” John 9:1-3 (ERV)

Whatever be your condition and challenges presently brethren, is for the glory of God and for the show case of the great power of God existence in Jesus name. Amen. I pray for you this Friday morning that Jehovah will through Jesus Christ exhibit the great work of His. Amen. The why, who, where and how is not the case rather it is what the Lord has decided for you to glorify Himself this weekend that matters. He will do it and nations will say concerning your testimony that it is the Lord’s doing and so marvelous in our eyes. Amen.

GOD EXISTS and like I have been saying, it is neither contestable, revocable, debatable, nor can one disproof His existence. He will turn your story around and your testimony will convert souls to Him in Jesus name. Amen. Happy weekend and thank God it is Friday indeed. Good morning.

Prophet Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi

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