Wednesday, 1 February 2017

GIVE THE BEST YOU HAVE (Give Helping Hand And Avoid Self Esteem)


Our dear Lord and maker, the beginning and the end; He who has power to over all creations. Amen. We want to thank you for the grace of the second day of the month Jehovah; we say your name alone is lifted high in Jesus name. Amen. Jehovah Lord, we desire you will be with us this day and make available our needs in Jesus name. Amen.

Brethren you can be very sure that you are not better than the other person around you despite his/her challenge. You can only be better when you GIVE THE BEST YOU HAVE by seeing another person as equal to you indeed. Apostle told the church in Galatia in the letter he wrote that be best you can do is to serve your brethren even in your challenge. He said by doing that, you will have what to be proud of as being the best you can.

“You obey the law of Christ when you offer each other a helping hand. If you think you are better than others, when you really aren't, you are wrong. Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don't compare yourself with others.” Galatians 6:2-4 (CVE)

Brethren, God is happy seeing us giving helping hands to another because that is His primary intention during the creation of mankind; he call them help mate. Amen. Your responsibility brethren, is to ensure you are responsible to some other and that is when you GIVE THE BEST YOU HAVE. Do your best this season friend and expect the great manifestation of God in your life this time in Jesus name. Amen.

My sincere prayer for you this day is that God will bless your good work in Jesus name. Amen. The spirit of self esteem upon your life denying you of testimony is hereby separated from you in Jesus name. Amen. Jehovah through Jesus Christ will increase you for the better and this month release joy for you. Amen. Good morning and remain lifted. Amen.

Prophet Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi.

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