Monday, 30 January 2017

GIVE THE BEST YOU HAVE (Do The Needful Rightly)


Our gracious and ever wonderful maker, there is none to be compared to you for mighty are your works among every other. Amen. We hereby thank you for your wonderful doings upon our lives, family, business, academics, ministry and so on. Amen. However, this morning we jointly say in agreement that you please supply us with our needs this day as the scripture taught about our daily bread in Jesus name. Amen. We thank you because you have just answered our humble prayer through your son Jesus Christ. Amen.

It is a very serious thing to discuss brethren about our attitude towards the things we do either to God or to our immediate friends around. At this we discover that we are not really being decompensated for whatever we do for or with them neither do we think God is pleased with us. It is really dishearten and sometimes indicate I shouldn’t have done this and probably God is not leading me to do this I’ve done. Friend it is really that God is not leading you or because God is not happy with you but really that you did not GIVE THE BEST THAT YOU HAVE.

The Apostle Paul while charging one of his Apostolic son, Timothy, wrote saying there is need to do what is right and ensuring others are doing it right as well. He said the truth should not be compromised for any reasons rather make emphasis on the truth you understand. By that doing brethren, you are giving your best really and that stirrup the God to bless your effort anytime.

Before God and Jesus Christ, I give you a command. Christ Jesus is the one who will judge all people—those who are living and those who have died. He is coming again to rule in his kingdom. So I give you this command: Tell everyone God's message. Be ready at all times to do whatever is needed. Tell people what they need to do, tell them when they are doing wrong, and encourage them. Do this with great patience and careful teaching.” 2 Timothy 4:1-2 (ERV)

Children of the living God the truth cannot be hidden about the Lord Jesus Christ of His kingship over the entire earth; but you could announce this truth and no one will believe because of the way you gave the message. The Apostle is charging Timothy here to be very careful in doing this responsibility even as he takes things up in not just patience but great patience. I pray that God will lead us all right to do things rightly in Jesus name. Amen.

To do the needful rightly brethren is to GIVE THE BEST THAT YOU HAVE; the grace to do the needful rightly I pray that God will endow you in Jesus gracious name. Amen. Good morning and remain blessed in Jesus name. Amen.

Prophet Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi.

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