Thursday, 27 October 2016

YOU WILL NOT DIE (Enjoy God's Increase)


Jehovah is your name Lord, we bless you so much for all you have done, all you are doing and many you will still do for us in Jesus name. Amen. Continue to be with us and never depart from us in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Hezekiah was a king of honour in Israel but his pride dialed him and the entire people of his kingdom. But on the day they all realized they have wronged the Lord and that the Lord is angry at them, the community of the people and the king humbled their selves.

“In those days Hezekiah was sick to the death, and prayed unto the LORD: and he spake unto him, and he gave him a sign. But Hezekiah rendered not again according to the benefit done unto him; for his heart was lifted up: therefore there was wrath upon him, and upon Judah and Jerusalem. Notwithstanding Hezekiah humbled himself for the pride of his heart, both he and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, so that the wrath of the LORD came not upon them in the days of Hezekiah. And Hezekiah had exceeding much riches and honour: and he made himself treasuries for silver, and for gold, and for precious stones, and for spices, and for shields, and for all manner of pleasant jewels; Storehouses also for the increase of corn, and wine, and oil; and stalls for all manner of beasts, and cotes for flocks. Moreover he provided him cities, and possessions of flocks and herds in abundance: for God had given him substance very much. This same Hezekiah also stopped the upper watercourse of Gihon, and brought it straight down to the west side of the city of David. And Hezekiah prospered in all his works.” 2 Chronicles 32:24-30 (KJV)

Brethren like I wrote yesterday that you have gotten lots of possessions to possess and that you cannot die now. It happens in such way when we keep to the commands of the Lord Jehovah. He God decides to watch over our life because we are doing His will for our destiny. Therefore children of God when you humble yourself to follow the Lord, you are handling your life to the care of God and He will keep watch. Amen.

Hezekiah humbles himself before the Lord and Jehovah watched over his life even when he was sick to the point of death. Yours situation is not worse as his because you will not die no matter your condition in Jesus name. Amen. There are lots of purposes you are to fulfill in life brethren, do not think you will die now because I know YOU WILL NOT DIE NOW in Jesus name. Amen. You will enjoy the increase of God’s blessing for your destiny in Christ Jesus name. Amen.

Thank God it is Friday and indeed I know it is seriously promising by the Lord that you will live to enjoy God through Jesus Christ. Amen. Good morning.

Prophet Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi.

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