Thursday, 22 September 2016

WEEP NOT (Better Life Is Now)


The Lord Jehovah bless the weekend for us all in Jesus name. Amen. He has assigned a time for work and another for leasure such as the weekend is to many except some few who by the virtue of their work could not have all the weekend to rest. He want us to be relaxed after a long time of stress during the weekdays. I pray that this weekend shall indeed bring peace and comfort to our various homes and shperes of life in Jesus name. Amen. 

This new day starting the weekend is a very powerful one consudering the text we are about to focus on. I pray that a mind blowing miracle shall be wrath in your life after this devotional in Jesus name. A widow woman known to the man of God Elisha came to weep about her matter and the situation of their family with emphasis on the threat of her late husband coming to enslave her sons. She kwen that the threat can be handled by God so she came to the man of God and explained with a bittered heart that her late husband who happened to be a minister of God's word died on debt and the debtors are around to subtitute her children for the debt.

"One day the widow of one of the LORD's prophets said to Elisha, "You know that before my husband died, he was a follower of yours and a worshiper of the LORD. But he owed a man some money, and now that man is on his way to take my two sons as his slaves. "Maybe there's something I can do to help," Elisha said. "What do you have in your house?" "Sir, I have nothing but a small bottle of olive oil. Elisha told her, "Ask your neighbors for their empty jars. And after you've borrowed as many as you can, go home and shut the door behind you and your sons. Then begin filling the jars with oil and set each one aside as you fill it." The woman left. Later, when she and her sons were back inside their house, the two sons brought her the jars, and she began filling them. At last, she said to one of her sons, "Bring me another jar." "We don't have any more," he answered, and the oil stopped flowing from the small bottle. After she told Elisha what had happened, he said, "Sell the oil and use part of the money to pay what you owe the man. You and your sons can live on what is left." 2 Kings 4:1-7 (CEV)

The widow woman became a trader because her weeping was directed to the right place where it was heard and attended to with effect. Brethren your matter is still very much not as worse as that of this widom woman, and Jehovah wipe away her tears. I assure you my the grace and mercies of God that your tears can be dried up and that eternal stop is possible to happen to your weeping. The Lord through the Prophet Elisha put a stop the widow woman weeping and same I decree as the Prophet of the most high Jehovah that you shall WEEP NO MORE. WEEP NOT and start to reign in this world of yours. Amen.

Good morning and enjoy the well packaged blessings for the weekend in Jesus name. Amen.

Propht Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi

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