Sunday, 7 August 2016

Anointing For Exploit (Works beyond your IMAGINATION)


We thank the Lord for the success of the past weeks and the anticipated success of the new ahead. I pray the Lord Jehovah will bless the new week and ensure the perfection of our testimonies in Jesus name. Amen. Every lack in the past weeks shall be in surplus this new week in Jesus most gracious name. Amen.

This wonderful new week we are collectively share the topic: Anointing For Exploit. Anointing in the English language is to apply oil to as a sacred rite especially for consecration, while Exploit is to make productive use of utility.  Therefore brethren anointing for exploit is the application of sacred oil for consecrated use of productive utility. Meaning God has given us a sacred anointing to be successful in life. Amen. He (Jehovah) doesn’t want us to suffer or cry out for frustration rather he has prepared us for success due to the anointing He has given us. We are made for exploit that’s to make good product use of every available opportunity for the sake of the kingdom of God and our generation.

There are these four popular Hebrews Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah who are our major example for today’s devotion. They were enslaved but yet the anointing of God upon their life for exploit made the perfect use of the situation around them to better their lives. God is great. Amen.

“After ten days they looked healthier and stronger than the young men who had been eating the king's rich food. So the supervisor took away the king's rich food and wine and gave them vegetables. God gave these four men knowledge, wisdom, and the ability to understand all kinds of literature. Daniel could also understand all kinds of visions and dreams. At the end of the three-year training period, the chief-of-staff brought all the young men to Nebuchadnezzar. The king talked to them and found no one like Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah among all of them. So these four men served the king. Whenever the king asked them about things that required wisdom and insight, he found that they knew ten times more than all the magicians and psychics in his whole kingdom. Daniel served the royal palace until the first year of King Cyrus of Persia.” Daniel 1:15-21 (GW)

The situation you are is never a blockage for your exploit especially when the anointing is from God. The anointing when received from divine, make’s life better for our existence and make all around us obey us seriously. Amen. Receive the anointing for exploit today in Jesus name. Amen. Every spell of the enemy around your life working against your joy today shall be eradicated in Jesus name. Amen. When the anointing is working rightfully, you become stress free, liberation comes in and your significance among the nations around you becomes a status and a way of life. Amen.
Happy New Week and good morning in Jesus name. Amen

Prophet Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi.
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