Sunday, 10 July 2016



All glory to the giver of all good and perfect gifts, the Father Almighty. Amen. He has given us good grace and good reason to be alive and healthy till now. His name be praise forever and ever. Amen. Many are dead and are no more but we are alive even in health to live to attest to His goodness. Amen. This is another week and I pray this week shall announce every pending testimony in our lives in Jesus name. Amen.

Brethren, life is full of challenges and because of that many have taken the Lord for granted and spoken all sort to Him. Many of us who have one way or the other enjoy the goodness of God now seeing that as not too faithful or not capable of being God again. We all do this when we complain and murmur against the Lord. The Lord was angry at the Israelite when they did complain about their present situation forgetting what the Lord has done to them earlier. “How long shall I hear this evil congregation, which murmurs against me, the complaints of the sons of Israel, which they murmur against me?” Numbers 14:27 (JUB). They are no longer seeing God as good and that led to the annoyance of Jehovah against them and that made Him call them evil congregation.

Apostle Paul then from study discovered that we can continue to be giving God names that don’t make Him happy. Names like non capable God, too slow to work God, God not faithful and incompetent God. This makes as a result of our actions to Him make Him sick and angry at us, then the Apostle have to write on this note to the Philippians. With this we will be treating the topic: MURMURING A CANKERWORM

“So then, dear friends, as you always obeyed me when I was with you, it is even more important that you obey me now while I am away from you. Keep on working with fear and trembling to complete your salvation, because God is always at work in you to make you willing and able to obey his own purpose. Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may be innocent and pure as God's perfect children, who live in a world of corrupt and sinful people. You must shine among them like stars lighting up the sky, as you offer them the message of life. If you do so, I shall have reason to be proud of you on the Day of Christ, because it will show that all my effort and work have not been wasted.” Philippians 2:12-16 (GNB)

Here Paul admonish the church at Philippine to shun complains and argument because it will never glorify God. And if it doesn’t glorify God, then it will not bring joy to us and we will continue to see God inactive in our lives. I pray that the spirit to keep away from murmuring is taken out of you in Jesus name. Amen. The grace and exploit to shine even in this dark and bad world shall be release to you in Jesus name. Amen. Whatever good the enemy has taken away from us due to our complains this day shall be return for our enjoyment in Jesus name. Testimony that will make you stand confidently before God shall be added to your life in Jesus name. Amen.
Good morning and happy new week brethren

Prophet Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi.

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