Monday, 23 May 2016

Doubt could distract the good in the future away.

The Lord bless this new day for your success and to His glorification in Jesus name. Amen. Brethren today God really intend to see us success and extraordinarily blessed. Bible teaches His thought is to take us to our expected end. Meaning the future that we are anticipating is where He wants to lead us.
Apostle Peter in the days of our Lord Jesus desired to do same like his master. He yearned to be like the Lord and the Lord understanding the scriptures knew that decided to make him fulfill the desire. But the Apostle failed on the cause of the journey because of doubt. May you not be a failure in Jesus name. Amen.

"27 Jesus spoke to them at once. “Courage!” he said. “It is I. Don't be afraid!”
28 Then Peter spoke up. “Lord, if it is really you, order me to come out on the water to you.”
29 “Come!” answered Jesus. So Peter got out of the boat and started walking on the water to Jesus. 30 But when he noticed the strong wind, he was afraid and started to sink down in the water. “Save me, Lord!” he cried.
31 At once Jesus reached out and grabbed hold of him and said, “What little faith you have! Why did you doubt?”
32 They both got into the boat, and the wind died down. Matthew 14:27-32 (GNT).

Brethren, since you have your desire just like Apostle Peter did those days even when he is having the Almighty Jesus with himself. The evil he did to himself was to doubt the himself. He was distracted by what he was use to as a fisherman for many years.
Every distractions on your path to fulfilling destiny shall be taken away in Jesus name. Amen. And perhaps you are already drowning like Apostle Peter the Lord who rescued him from his doubt shall deliver you in Jesus name. Amen. I decree the Lord will uphold you never to fall in Jesus name. Amen.
Have a great day brethren and enjoy the grace of trusting the Lord. Amen. Good morning.
Prophet Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi

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