Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Play Down The Earthly Wisdom (Surprising God)

There is this song we sing in our denomination almost always:
"The ways of God are mysterious to accomplish His works
His ways no man can determine unsearchable they are
Unbelievers will go astray rejecting works of God
But for us who believe the Lord we will not loss on earth. Amen."
This song is just to inform us that our Understanding could be low to compare to the wisdom and power of God.
Prophet Elisha the successor of the Prophet taken up by whirlwind identifying him as the only man who was caught up by God. During his course of his missionary work came some set of Kings to enquire of him the heart of God. This happened as recorded in the second kings:

"16  Then Elisha said, ‘This is what the LORD is saying. Dig many long holes in this valley.
17  (Do it), because the LORD is saying this. You will not see wind or rain. But this valley will become full of water! You, your cows and your other animals will be able to drink.
18  This is a very easy thing for the LORD to do. He will also give (the people in) Moab to you.
19  You will destroy every city that has strong walls. (You will destroy) every important town. You will cut down every good tree. You will fill every hole where they get water. You will put stones on to every good field, so that they will be of no value.’
20  The water was there on the next morning, at the time when (the priests) burnt food as gifts to (the LORD)! (The water) came from the direction of Edom. The land was full of water! 2 Kings 3:16-20 (EasyEnglish)

These three Kings came after they have exhausted the strength and power, all they had never kept them moving. Obviously to them they are losing their battle to the enemy already except there is provision of water for themselves and their animals. They needed someone who will surprisingly do something supernatural. So are we attimes when we are exhausted in our wisdom will be asking what do I do again or who will do this for me or crying out for the help of God. God is always available for us all only if we acknowledge Him as the source of wisdom, power and provision.
The need of the people where met by the Lord through the Prophet Elisha just the following morning. I decree by the mercies of God that Jehovah Himself will meet up with your urgent needs in Jesus name. Amen. All the man of God said was that believe because there is basically nothing impossible for God to do. He said all their problems are very easy for God to do, therefore I speak concerning you that whatever you are hoping for is just easy for God and He will do it. Amen.
It is unbelievable that there will be water in such area with rain but it became the talk of town that God gave water to these kings and their animals with any shower of rain. Amazingly today God will bring your request to perfection in Jesus name. Amen
Good morning
Prophet Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi

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