Saturday, 20 February 2016

HUMILITY (Avoid future Shame)

Happy Sunday brethren hope you are preparing to join your local church for worship. As you do that I pray God will fill you afreash with grace need for your success in life in Jesus name. Amen.
Paul Apostle said you can understand who you are and your worth but don't let it get into your head. He added that you should not undergrade anyone in terms of knowing because you don't know who is who.

"Live in harmony with each other. Don't try to act important, but enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don't think you know it all!" Romans 12:16(NLT).

People you think less about may be better than you are. Your assumed common or ordinary people may really be the best and you may actually need them on your journey to destiny. You see reason Solomon said the proud will be put to shame which is really quilt. Meaning those who you have wrong and coming to become your need or neseccesity on your path of fulfillment: can you imagine the shame or guilt that will rest in such heart or mind?
Children of God it is bett for you to humble yourself and see all around you now as equal because you don't know who become who tomorrow. The Lord Jesus is an example of humility, He was arrested, crucified and killed for no reason not all. Then become the reason for salvation to mankind and His name become saving need of all. In fact the only way to see God. If the people then acknowledge this they wouldn't kill Him and do any harm to Him.
Brethren I pray you will not regret you today actions tomorrow in Jesus name. So be careful for what you do today to avoid future shame. Amen. The grace to be humble God will through Jesus Christ endow you today in Jesus name. Amen.
Happy Sunday again and enjoy His presence filled with Grace in aboundance. Amen.
Prophet Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi

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