Friday, 5 February 2016

Holiness (Be Exceptional)

Praise the Lord!!!
The Holiness of God is an establishment meant not for commoners rather for those who are exceptional. Just as the high way is not meant for learning drivers but for experienced, expert and perhaps professional drivers. The Prophet Isaiah also attest to this when God gave him revelation concerning the high way leading to the Holy Dwelling.

" 8  And there will be a high road there, a way. Its name will be ‘The Holy Way’. People who are unclean will not go on it. It will be for those people who walk on the Way. Fools who are very bad people will not walk on it.
 9  No lions will be there. No dangerous wild animals will walk on it. Nobody will find those animals there. But people that the LORD has redeemed will walk there.
 10  And the people that the LORD has paid to rescue will return. And they will sing while they go into Zion. And they will never stop enjoying themselves. It will show on their faces. Everywhere that they go they will be very, very happy." Isaiah 35:8-10 (EasyEnglish)

The plans of God for our life is not a life we have to manage or minimize our living. No! His intentions for us is to enjoy life at the extreme of satisfaction and comfort. Amen. He only expected us to leave the level of a commoner (unbelievers) and advance to the level of a true believer through the redemption of the only Son Jesus Christ. Jehovah want us to stop the attitude of being wicked, sinful and ungodly and run for the rescue of our souls. Then the way becomes legal for us to drive to the Holy Dwelling of the Almighty.
He has promised enjoyment at it peak to the extent that people around you will see in all on your face. What else do you want brethren be saved and be born again and you have all to yourself even here on earth and eternity.
I pray today that God will rescue you from every danger of sin and redeem you in Jesus name. Amen. He will make you life a testimony for as many nations of people that behold you in Jesus name. Amen. He  will infuse into your inner person joy and happiness that will last forever in Jesus name. Amen.
Enjoy yourself in the Lord.
Prophet Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi.

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